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VIDEO: My Quick & Easy Everyday Wavy Hair Tutorial

March 19, 2015


What I Wore

My Take on The Low Rise Railroad Skinny Jean – #SmartSet1P10S

I can’t believe it’s already the final month in the #SmartSet1P10s campaign. I had an absolute blast teaming up with a gorgeous roster of ladies month after month to show you all the different ways (well, ten of them at least!) to style a special item from Smart Set. This month, the final item is the low […]

Fringe Kimono, Black Jeggings & a Statement Necklace #SmartSet1P10S

Hello again, friends! I hope you’ve kicked your New Year off with great success and are loving all that 2015 has had to offer thus far. Personally, I’ve been spending lots of time decorating my new house and spending time with family… Which has called for comfortable yet stylish clothing. This all brings me to […]

Beauty Reviews

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo (New Product Review)

Oh. My. GOSH! After years of worshipping Batiste dry shampoo – and dying a little inside every time I couldn’t find a bottle at the nearest drugstore – I’ve found another fabulous option. Well, I guess technically my mom found it for me… but it’s all the same to my day old hair. It’s called […]

Spectro: Best Face Wash on a Budget That Really, Really Works

I’ve tried more face washes than I can remember at this point, but only a handful of them have impressed me enough to buy them again. My sensitive skin makes it difficult to find a truly potent face wash, mostly because I need it to really clean my face but also not cause me more […]

Fashion Advice

Whenever spring starts to roll in, I find myself putting down my statement necklaces, bangle bracelets and heavy earrings and searching for something lighter. I personally can’t stand wearing heavy jewelry in the warmer weather. It just makes me feel so bogged down, plus I don’t love the look of chunky jewelry with shorts and […]


It feels like this post has been “in the making” for just about ever. I realize that’s a slight exaggeration, but holy moly it honestly felt like the bathroom was never getting finished at one point. But, since this post is about sharing our before and after story and not digressing into the frustrations that ensued […]