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Getting Ready for Another Reno: Scandinavian Decorating

January 15, 2016


Makeup Reviews

Recent Buy – NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review (Shade: Siberia)

Friends, lately the struggle has been all too real in the foundation department. After my absolute favourite foundation ever discontinued my shade, I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find something to replace it. As I’ve shared before, matching my “pale but yellow, not pink” skin is near impossible. My go-to makeup brands like MAC […]

Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Review in “Melted Sugar”

I’ve been a longtime watcher of the beyond beautiful Gigi Gorgeous. In one of her recent videos, she was going on about how she fell in love with something called a “melted lipstick” by Too Faced Cosmetics. Now, since I consider myself to be somewhat of a lipstick junkie it was only natural that I […]

Beauty Reviews

So, About My New Haircut… Why I Went For The Lob & How I’m Liking It So Far

So I did it! After months and months of lovingly admiring the many lob haircuts that have covered Instagram, Pinterest and just about any magazine I picked up, I finally took the plunge and went for “the chop.” It all went down last weekend when I showed up for my hair appointment with Sarah at The Grateful […]

Not a Morning Person’s Review of Jergens® Moisturizer for Wet Skin (& Getting Ready Tips)

There’s nothing worse than going to slip into a great skirt on a mild fall day… only to realize that your legs are ridiculously dry and in need of some serious TLC. This, unfortunately, is sorta my life story. I know I don’t drink enough water or stay hydrated enough throughout the day (I’m working on it, I swear!) […]

What I Wore

Way back on Black Friday, a time that feels forever ago now that it’s already the first week of February, I rushed into Artizia and picked up the parka I had been eyeing for weeks. I needed a new “serious” winter coat that could keep me warm walking Cole, running errands and sitting in my car […]

Fashion Advice

By now, you know I’m all about minimalism. I mean, I get caught up in a trend every once in a while, but I do feel like I’m a simplistic kinda girl at my core. After reading Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” I can say that with even more confidence and assurance […]