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Beauty Review: Viviscal Maximum Strength

A few years ago, I chopped off my hair à la Victoria Beckham. I loved it for the first day or two and then immediately wanted long hair again! I've now been growing it out for just under two years and it's finally getting to be what I'd consider "long"... or at least longish. My goal hair length is to have it down to my elbows and all one length, something that will take me at least another full year of growth to achieve. My hair has always grown slowly. On top of that, each individual strand is really fine so I'm more prone to breakage than a lot of other people. It's been quite the fight to even get it to where it is today!

I've tried a lot of different hair vitamins, and regularly take Iron (I'm anemic), B12, Kelp and Biotin, but like to keep my eye out for hair health and growth supplements that I haven't tried before. Viviscal is a hair nourishment system sold all over the world and has spectacular online reviews, so I jumped at the chance to give it a go myself.

I'm only a few days into the system (these pictures were taken the first day I started) and I'm really excited to start seeing results. Other reviewers claim to have seen thicker hair after anywhere between 1-3 months, and others say it's helped them avoid damage and breakage in their quest for below-the-shoulder hair. I'm hoping for all of the above and will be posting about this product again at the end of my first month with an update.

As for the $59.99 price tag, it's a little hefty but I'm absolutely willing to pay that much if a product works. You take two tablets a day, once in the morning and again at night, so 60 lasts for 30 days or a month. I've been cutting back on the number of times in a year I highlight my hair (it's incredibly damaging) so I see no problem with investing in my hair's growth with the leftover cash.

If you have any hair growth tips, please leave them in a comment! I'd love to hear them and include them in a future post (and credit you, of course).

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