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Bôhten Eyewear – Trendy, Eco-conscious Eyewear

Bôhten eyewear has been a subject of much of my admiration as of late. The up-and-coming eyewear brand, based in Ottawa, has a very Californian cool feel - something I can't help but find myself drawn to. The eyewear company, founded by Nana Osei, believes in positive change and the power of reclaimed materials, such as the redwood used in the above pictured frame "Barklae S Redwood" ($180).

While I do love the Barklae S in redwood, I'm also partially drawn to the same frame in zebrawood. It was a unique feel and screams "summer". If you're looking for cool shades to wear to any of the many music festivals scheduled for this summer, or while you're cottaging with friends or hitting up the beach, my recommendation is the Barklae S. The frame's shape looks as if it would be flattering on almost any face shape, and is just trendy enough to get you noticed without it being over-the-top.

While I just recently purchased myself a pair of Westward Leaning sunglasses, I've had my eye on a pair of Bôhtens for my husband for the past few weeks. To be honest, I was surprised when I found out the company is currently a fairly small operation, and even more surprised when I found out they're based in the city in which I live (our creative scene pales in comparison to Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto). I can bet my reactions aren't far off from what others experience, and believe they're a strong indication that the company will only continue to take major steps towards mega success.

In a recent Facebook update, the brand announced that the founder would be appearing on Dragon's Den in an upcoming episode. If the dragons see what myself and many others are seeing, the TV appearance will only lead to even greater awareness and excited reactions from eco-savvy consumers across the globe. If you're a model, signed or unsigned, and would like to help out Bôhten with their appearance, get a few shots for your portfolio, and walk away with a free pair of your own sunglasses, check out their open call.

Click to find out more about Bôhten Eyewear. Happy Sunday, everyone!