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Feature: Stephen Einhorn, London-Based Jeweller & Ring Maker Extraordinaire

In this post, I want to introduce you to an incredibly unique jewelry maker and the creator behind the three gorgeous rings above (and so many more): Stephen Einhorn Jewellery. The London-based designer, Stephen Einhorn, has truly cornered the market on unique, high quality jewelry. He began his jewelry making career with a focus on men's jewellery, as he saw a gap in existing brands' offerings. I think the masculine influence in the above pieces is what draws me in so much. They're incredibly strong but still completely wearable.

Stephen Einhorn's jewelry makers make every piece of jewelry by hand, and are committed to remaining socially and environmentally responsible. Stephen's stylishly cool designs have been seen on a bunch of celebrities and A-listers alike, including Amanda Seyfried. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm just a teensy bit obsessed with Amanda and her wardrobe choices. She has impeccable taste, unmatched style, and the girl simply wears what she wants when she wants. Go figure she'd have a few Stephen Einhorn pieces in her jewelry collection.

I know some people will comment saying the prices are too high, but if you compared the quality of jewelry from this jeweler with something you'd find at any mall jeweler, and even Peoples and stores like that, the difference is obvious. These are investment pieces and are completely deserving of their medium-high price range. If you're looking for a quick style fix and want to spend as little as possible, Stephen Einhorn is not for you. If you're looking to add gorgeous, quality pieces that will stand the test of time - you're in for a real treat.  I only wish I had been introduced to this jeweler earlier, since I've already seen about a dozen wedding bands my husband and I would have killed for.

Are you already familiar with Stephen Einhorn? Do you love these rings as much as I do? Let met me know in a comment. I strongly encourage you to check out the website, and to also just try to refrain from drooling.

Small Skull and Bones Ring
Stephen Einhorn
Bluebird Silver Ring
Stephen Einhorn
South Pacific Ring & White South Sea Pearl with Diamonds Ring
Stephen Einhorn