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Work it, Girl! Marshalls Active Wear September Challenge

So, I can honestly say that when I started off blogging I never thought I'd be posting anything to do with working out. But, when I was challenged to visit the active wear section of Marshalls and put together an active-living post, I did just that.

To give you some back story on how and why I'm working with Marshalls...25 bloggers (including myself) have teamed up with the mega brand for something called #ProjectFab. I, along with the other 24 participants, will be taking part in monthly challenges surrounding style, beauty and home. This month, I was challenged to create a workout outfit that lets you breathe, sweat, and look stylish while doing it.

I hit up the John St Marshalls location in downtown Toronto on Thursday night and was thoroughly impressed that a downtown location could fit so much into a space. The active wear section was up on the second floor, so I headed up and started scouring the racks. 

I was able to grab a pair of fitted gym shorts, a long sleeved Adidas Supernova shirt, and a second long sleeved top from 90 Degrees by Reflex for under $80. With the leftover cash, I grabbed a gorgeous black and white dress by Cynthia Rowley so I can show off my results (I'll post about that later).

Usually, I'm a real cheap-o when it comes to workout wear. I'll wear the same top and shorts until they're no longer wearable because, normally, gym clothes are ridiculously expensive. The Adidas top I picked up, for example, would normally cost at least $65 alone - something I'm just not willing to pay when I know it's going to be drenched in sweat and washed more than anything else in my wardrobe.

You can see my workout wear in the photos above, and can find the pieces I'm wearing at a store near you. Even if the exact things I've grabbed aren't available, there will be something just as good if not better - I promise. Oh, and you know I'm heading back before long to check out the fall shoe selection. The stock associate was putting our merchandise as I paid for my items and I had to fight some serious temptation to not walk over and end up leaving with at least two pairs of boots. Then again, there's always next month...

PS - You can take part in the monthly challenges too! Hashtag your pictures with #FabFound on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Oh, and you know there are prizes! ;)  

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