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SBG X Trade Secrets Presents: CND Vinylux Nail Polish Review

If you don’t know what CND is, it’s the brand that brought the beauty world high quality gel nails (NOT the kind that come from powder – believe me when I say you’re just paying extra for the same old acrylic), and the fashion-favourite Shellac. CND’s most recent addition to its power lineup is Vinylux – the weekly wear polish that is essentially a polish-shellac hybrid.

I’ve teamed up with Trade Secrets to do a series of beauty reviews on products that everyday women can trulybenefit from, and the first review I want to share is that of the CND Vinylux polishes I’ve tried. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t like to have a little extra cash in their wallet and a salon quality mani on their hands?

Clearly, the number one benefit of CND Vinylux is the fact that it’s a weekly wear polish – meaning it remains in tact and chip-free for a week. That’s fabulous and much-appreciated, but my favourite part is how quickly it dries! I figured a polish-gel hybrid would take longer to dry, but it’s self-adhering and dries in a flash. Can you hear the nail polish angels singing? Because I certainly can.

The polish I’ve been using is called “Svelte Suede” and is a stone/tan mix. It’s chic, perfect for the workplace, and a must for any woman. It’s the kind of colour that matches absolutely everything, and will never go out of style.

You can have CND Vinylux applied at a host of nail salons, or you can DIY and be just as happy at home. Bottles cost an average of $12 and there are a whopping 42+ shades to choose from. So, take my recommendation and skip the spa this week – instead head to your local Trade Secrets.

Svelte Suede
CND Vinylux
Weekly Topcoat
CND Vinylux