Athleisure or Bust - Casual and Comfy Weekend Outfit Idea

Athleisure or Bust – Casual and Comfy Weekend Outfit Idea

There's a whole lotta discussion concerning the "athleisure" trend as of late. From certain sites (here's looking at you, Stylelist) claiming that athleisure is now passé to others claiming it's going to push forward at full force throughout 2015, one thing is certain - it's a hot topic. While I've seen athleisure done well and I've seen it done a little on the questionable side, I will admit that I love just about anything that's going to help me create a comfy weekend outfit.

So, in today's post I'm sharing an athletic-inspired comfy and casual weekend outfit. It's easy enough that anyone can recreate it and it's not so trendy that you'll regret wearing it by next week.

One thing that I'll never truly understand (or do), even though Kate Hudson's Fabletics commercials do make it look great, is wearing head-to-toe athletic wear if you're not actually hitting the gym or going for a run. I feel this way for the same reason that I don't understand why anyone would wear skin tight yoga pants for any reason aside from lounging around the house or, say, doing yoga.

With that being said, I do love the look of working in an athletic sweater or t-shirt into an everyday outfit. Take the Nike sweatshirt in the picture above, for example. You can totally throw it on top of workout shorts and hit the open road for a run OR you can wear it with skinny jeans, high top chucks and sunnies on the weekend. It's a versatile sweatshirt that will leave you casual-cool or gym-ready depending on how you're feeling and what the day calls for.

Since it's still just a tad cold outside (just kidding, it's freaking freezing out there and we all know it) I'm also recommending tossing on a knitted infinity scarf to keep you cozy and warm.

Would you wear this outfit? What types of other outfit ideas would you like to see?

Sportswear District 72 Crew Sweatshirt
Chuck Taylor All Star Leather High-Tops
Ripped Skinny Jean
Frame Denim
Knitted Tube Scarf
Womens Shaelie Sunglasses
Oliver Peoples