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First Impressions: Natural Eyeliner & Mascara Review (MarieNatie and Zorah)

When I was testing out the Clean Beauty Awards winning products, there were a few out of the bunch that really caught my eye. I recently posted about NBW's Body Butter but wanted to focus a separate post on the two stand-out makeup products. One is the "All Natural Eyeliner" in brown by MarieNatie and the other is the "Length & Care Mascara" by Zorah. I honestly wasn't sure that I'd like either of them at first, given my diehard love for my go-to black liquid liner from MAC and collection of high volume, waterproof mascaras. I figure, I'm probably not the only one who's been a little apprehensive about natural, organic cosmetics and wanted to put up a post to share my experience.

First, a little background. I've always been a black eyeliner kinda girl. Even though I'm super pale (surprise!) and like a fairly natural makeup look on a day-to-day basis, black eyeliner has always been part of my "signature look." I love the way it helps my blue eyes pop and how it adds a ton of definition to my eyes.

I suppose the same can be said for my love for dark, black mascara. I've always gone with waterproof because I used to wear contacts and had to put drops in my eyes - now I just continue to suffer from seasonal allergies so I've stuck with waterproof as a safety precaution. Nobody wants their mascara to come running down their cheeks in the middle of the day at work!

And, even though I'm a vegetarian and try to purchase as many eco-friendly, ethically produced and natural things as possible - I've never made the jump when it comes to cosmetics. I always figured they wouldn't be as pigmented. They wouldn't work as well. They just wouldn't be the same. So when I spotted a brown eyeliner and a mascara infused with argan oil in my sample package, it's safe to say that I had some preconceived notions regarding how it would all pan out.

Let's start with the eyeliner. It's creamy, glides really nicely and it actually does last a surprisingly long time with minimal shifting or smudging. I need to keep in mind that I'm testing these products out in the middle of summer (although, if we're totally honest, summer feels more hot and cold than a Katy Perry song this year) and I'm judging them based on an application done at 7am and their ability to last an 8-hour work day and 20-minute drive home from the office. The MarieNatie eyeliner, however, is pretty darn good.

The brown colour looks super natural against my skin and somehow managed to make me look like I had more of a tan than I actually do. It's probably because it's a fairly golden brown shade and is accentuating the neutral-olive undertone of my skin. Whatever the exact cause is, I like it. I even got so adventurous as to try a little bit of the liner on my lower lid - only going about half way across my eye and then smudging and blending it for a more natural effect. I've gotta say, I was wrong in thinking I wouldn't like it.

Not only is the formulation surprisingly luxe (I'm having flashbacks to dragging a black kohl pencil from a random sale bin across my lids in high school) but the brown colour is actually something I could get used to - at least as a way to change it up from my signature black eyeliner every once in a while.

Now, for the mascara. While I did love how soft, long and shiny my eyelashes looked I have to be honest and admit that I totally switched back to my regular mascara. BUT, it's not like I'm about to toss the Length & Care mascara by Zorah. It's something I'm going to keep using on my "no makeup" makeup days, when I'm spending the weekend with family and really just want a more basic, natural look.

I worried at first that my eyelashes would feel greasy and heavy because of the argan oil in the mascara. I was also half expecting the mascara to smudge and somehow end up elsewhere on my face throughout the day, but none of that happened. Instead, it sort of felt like a treatment-meets-mascara. My lashes, even after washing the mascara off, were super soft. It's a great lengthening mascara if you're not looking for a volume boost and really just want to polish off a natural makeup application. I have friends, and a sister, with mega long lashes who would greatly benefit from this. Unfortunately, my lashes are just too short and golden for this to be an everyday staple for me.

If you're interested in picking up either (or both) products for yourself, you can grab the eyeliner right here and the mascara over here. They retail for $15 and $24.99 respectively. If you do try 'em, I'd love to hear your thoughts - especially if this is your first time trying a natural cosmetic product!

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All Natural Eyeliner (Brown)
Length & Care Mascara