Ambassador Wooden Hair Brush Review (Prevent Breakage & Bring the Shine)

Ambassador Wooden Hair Brush Review (Prevent Breakage & Bring the Shine)

I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel about how I wash, condition and detangle my hair. I loved letting you all in on how I take care of my hair both inside and outside of the shower. But, what I didn't get around to talking about is my absolute favourite hair brush. It's by a German brand called "Ambassador" and it's made from natural wood so it offers a whole bunch of spectacular benefits to the hair and scalp.

I've been raving and raving about the beautiful Sarah of the "Holistic Habits" YouTube channel for a while and, big surprise, she's the one who got me hooked on using a wooden hair brush along with my regular apple cider vinegar hair rinse.

Brushes with wooden hair pins don't tug on the hair the same way that metal pins do. This is because the wooden pins are solid, unlike other hair pins that are made with little rubber balls adhered to the end of metal pins. Solid, one-piece wooden pins let you detangle and smooth your hair without pulling, tugging or breaking.

Another benefit of wooden hair brushes is that they absorb and redistribute your natural hair oils back throughout your scalp and hair. You might find that you're able to last a bit longer in between hair washes and that your hair looks shinier, feels softer and appears to just have more life.

The only downside to wooden hair brushes, in my opinion, is the price point. They tend to have slightly more expensive price tags than other hair brushes. Sometimes you can find a real steal, like the one I grabbed from Amazon. If you've got a larger budget, however, you can find some pretty spectacular options for well over $100!

Most mornings I can just roll out of bed, brush my hair with this baby and add a bit of texturizer powder. Then, away I go! I just hope that the summer doesn't get too humid so I can keep on going with this way-too-easy hair routine.

What's your go-to hair brush?