Clean, Minimalistic Outfit for Everyday Errands & More

Clean, Minimalistic Outfit for Everyday Errands & More

By now, you know I'm all about minimalism. I mean, I get caught up in a trend every once in a while, but I do feel like I'm a simplistic kinda girl at my core. After reading Marie Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up," I can say that with even more confidence and assurance than ever before. And, as I clear out my home of clutter and really cut down on the unworn clothes in my closet, I've fallen in even more love with the style.

Like this outfit, for example.

This little number is a clean, minimalistic outfit that's perfect for everyday, running errands and maybe even popping into the office on a casual Friday.

Some might say it looks a little like athleisure what with the sneakers, but I personally think that slip on shoes look so much more polished than sporty sneakers with a jacket like this one. It's from Monki, a killer brand that I've seen on tons of UK bloggers, but it's a style that I've also seen at a ton of fashion retailers including Zara, Club Monaco, Marshalls, etc. I'm sure you'd be able to find something nearby and at a good price if you do a little digging. :)

Dark grey skinny jeans are something I've had on my "must buy" list for a while. In all honestly, I've just been too lazy to get my butt into the mall and try some on! I've never had good luck shopping for jeans online. They are a total necessity, however, since they go with nearly everything and add a level of sophistication that regular 'ol blue jeans just can't achieve. Another, slightly more extreme option, would be black jeans - but they might be a bit too dark for a daytime outfit like this.

Then, there's the simple, plain grey t-shirt. I love this one in particular because it's just a tad oversized and has a good amount of drape to it. There's nothing worse than a too-tight t-shirt... except for maybe a too-short t-shirt. Just another reminder to flat or hang dry clothes you truly love... the dryer does no favours!

Anyways, I'm about to go and get ready for a night out with some pals from work. We're heading over to this delicious restaurant called Ruby Watch Co. Mmm!

Talk soon,