Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint (Rich, Pigmented Lip Colour on a Budget)

Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint Review (Major Drugstore Find)

As someone who loooooves OCC Lip Tar and Too Faced Melted Lipstick, but also hates the price tag that comes with either, I was super happy to learn that Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paints have launched. And not only have they launched, but they've been receiving plenty of positive reviews across blogs and YouTube channels. Sometimes with drugstore cosmetics (and even "luxury" cosmetics), things just sound too good to be true. Luckily, Color Jolt delivers on its promise of rich, highly pigmented lip colour that won't leave your lips feeling sticky or your colour running.

I've tried out every single colour in the Color Jolt collection but my favourites are undoubtedly Violet Rebel (a deep purple) and Stripped Down (a nude, as I'm sure you got from the name). I wish there were some more variations of nude and not so many different types of pink/red, but I'm sure after seeing how amazingly received this line has been that Maybelline will work on introducing some more shades to the lineup. :)

Each lip paint retails for ~$9.99 and comes in an 9.4ml tube. It's a great size for tossing into your bag for touch ups or for traveling. The soft, felt applicator lets you apply directly to your lips without ending up with too much product applying at once. I prefer its applicator over that of Too Faced Melted Lipstick and also prefer the size of the tube - it's shorter so it's easier to hold as well as to push product through.

Aside from the limited number of shades available just now, I really can't think of any "con" about the product. They're affordable, ridiculously pigmented, creamy and last for hours with minimal colour transfer or bleeding. I'll be rotating through my fave shades all summer long and well into fall.

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